The word 'Systematic' describes a system which is made up of constituent parts but which is greater than the sum of those parts. The Systematic organization provides a frame work, link or system between groups to give them a unifying purpose. A plant will adapt the direction of its development in order to grow towards the source of light, while a tree that is planted in rocky soil will spread its roots more widely to ensure stability. Just as a tree or a plant adapts to its environment, so the community under Systematic leadership adapts its policy, methods and organization to the needs of a rapidly changing world. At the same time the plant, the tree and the community retain their basic nature, identity and roots. Leadership has been defined as all elusive and electric quality that comes directly from God. On the other hand, it is clear that leadership skills can be cultivated and developed.

Natural Leadership & Spiritual Leadership have many points of similarity, but there are respects in which they may be antithetical, that is seen when some of their dominant characteristics are set over against one another. Although conversion does not normally make leaders of people who would never become such otherwise, Church history teaches that in the hour of full surrender, the Holy Spirit sometimes releases gifts and qualities that will remain for a long time. It is the prerogative of the Holy Spirit to bestow gifts that greatly enhance the leadership potential of the recipient.