Young people in the Congregation / society:

The whole missionary enterprise started as a youth movement at Universities, Colleges and Churches. The pietistic movement captured the imagination of young people to go out into unknown lands and communities, taking the Gospel of Jesus for the salvation of the whole world. Ida Scudder of Vellore was a young person, inspired to commit her life to the Lord and his Gospel.

The missionaries also gave importance to the development of the young through schools, technical training centers, Bible schools, seminaries and colleges. The student Christian Movement in the colleges and Christian associations and youth groups and young men and women in the Churches, have setup programmes to build up leadership among young people through their physical, intellectual and spiritual development. Young men and women movements also sought to encourage young people in their commitment to their Lord and to serve the Church and society.

Bishop Azadah of Dornakal received his missionary call as a young man. Sadhu Sundar Singh, Pandita Rama Bai and a host of young people in different parts of our country received their call and committed their lives to different Ministries.

Call to young people today:

Congregations are to have special programmes for young people.

Are young people given adequate participation in the life and work of the congregation and the larger community? To make them aware of the challenge presented to them.

Suggestions :

  • The congregations and society should provide guidance and counseling to young people so that they may not come under the influence of bad habits like drinking alcohol, drug addiction, gambling etc.
  • Young people could also be guided with respect to marriage and family Vocational guidance, information about employment opportunities could be made available by the congregations and society. Arrange programmes to encourage young people in development of their personalities, talents and where possible skills for self-employment. Through confirmation classes and Bible Study groups, young people could be prepared for professing mature faith and for facing the difficulties in life with courage.