There has been preference for boys and a sense of frustration when a girl is born in a family The infanticide of girls is often reported in the press even today. Poverty has often resulted in untold hardships and misery for children with child bonded-labour and malnutrition. Lack of nutritious food and immunization is taking toll on millions of children and even where they survive they are left with physical and mental damage making them unable to fully participate in the life of the community. The families and parents are in continual agony about the mal-development of their children Biblical Background.

The Hebrews have a tradition of intensive religious education for children with a view to equipping them for life. They considered childhood as the time for the formation of religious, ethical, and cultural values (Deut 6:1-9) Proverbs and Wisdom writings aimed at instructing children and young people informing positive values and warning them against negative behavior in life. When Jesus went to Jerusalem for a feast, it was probably for the test given to the children at the temple around the age of twelve. They were confirmed with the title 'Ben Torah' (son of the law).

There were occasions when Jesus put a child in the midst of disciples and taught them humility and trust in God. St. Paul in his epistles and later John and Peter have passages with instructions for young people. Children are considered to be gifts of God to parents and community. Jesus invites children, blesses them and declares that theirs is the Kingdom of God. St. Luke notes that Jesus ‘grew’ under the care of his parents in wisdom, stature and in favour with God and men (Lk. 2:52).

The commandment to honour the father and the mother is associated with promise of a long life. Here there is a concern for understanding and respect between the younger and older generations, so that the experiences of older generation may act as corrective or guidelines for the younger generation, and that life may be lived with joy and freedom overtaking pains and hardships. Christian congregation through its healing ministry has given attention to the community health programmes, expressing the love of Jesus towards children.

The child-care programmes of the Church through hostels, day-care and new life centers through the help of some voluntary organizations are also expressions of the love of Jesus for children. Sunday-school and children's education programme’s have been so few that millions of children do not have the facilities for an all-round growth and development. Sunday schools, vacation Bible schools have endeavoured to give value content to religious education, but even these have not succeeded in contributing to a wholesome development of the children.