Youth is power. In times of crisis, it is the youth that steps into the breach. It has built understanding bridges between nations and served as ambassadors of goodwill and peace. It also has shaken the governments and changed the course of history. It is doubtful that the Christian community which is called to communicate God's love to the world has explored the youth potential. It is generally agreed that what keeps the youth away from the Church is the alienating attitude of the Church. To the youth, the Church is a matter by the elders and for the elders! In many cases there is a clear-cut gap between the Church and the youth and the unfortunate state of affairs. Hence, the youth is neglected and suppressed. The church will have an uncertain future with no appropriately trained personnel to take over.

Today's youth faces new choices and challenges which adults have never experienced. In these days of narrow religious outlook and pseudo-cultural trends, it is imperative for Church, its related organizations, voluntary organizations etc. to prepare the youth for the voyage. A recent study conducted by RAJA FAITH MINISTRIES research team has revealed the scale of the task involved in shaping the question of assuring a Future to the youth may be viewed from many angles. It could be socio-political, economic, educational, cultural and spiritual. All these factors exert their influence in molding the younger generation. Yet another important factor is communication. This is a vital link which needs immediate attention.

Community exists through communication. Communication, if studied properly, is much deeper and has tremendous impact than that what many of us imagine. The present communication gap which separates different social strata particularly among youth, the economic disparities which lead to all abject poverty, the political confusion and the exploitative structures, could be bridged through proper communication in the traditional caste-based society where the self-dignity and the future development are highly restricted. The rigidity of the religious practices and traditions and the superstitious beliefs lead to fatalism which is tile root cause of inertia in our youth. RAJA FAITH MINISTRIES envisages to offer a new vision and new roles to the youth through various relevant programmes, workshops, camps, campaigns, seminars, training programmes etc.

The issues, problems are many and the younger generation is growing impatient and restless. We have already spent a decade in the third millennium. Whether the decade has done anything good or not, the call of our lord Jesus Christ is always there "FOLLOW ME”. If only our youth understand what it means to follow our Lord Jesus and responds to the Call. It makes a world of difference in shaping their lives, to begin with and the future society which is bound to have the promised peace and sense of satisfaction in developing a harmonious community and a just society.

RAJA FAITH MINISTRIES present these programmes and plans with humility, openness and firm belief that the Lord Jesus Christ will guide and counsel to achieve them for his Glory.